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Fight Cancer

Latest Mens Clothes,Men's Designer Fashionhas created some new additions to our collection in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of our repeated slogans of the brand is that we can all Do More, Be More and Give More. This is in all aspects of life but what we do at The 6th is lead by example in making a percentage of EVERY item sold either donated automatically or quarterly/annually to select nonprofits doin the hard work.

During the month of October, The 6th will have 6% of proceeds from all sales donated automatically to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in partnership with Shopping Gives. Add any item to cart and see for yourself. When you shop specific items in the Cause Collection, we will separately tally those orders to make a contribution to those non-profits as well. Everyone wins.

Don't forget to tell em where you got it and who you are. With this brand, when you shop, you give, and when you give, you sacrifice. That's what The 6th Man/Woman Mentality is about. That's what it means to be and say, "I AM The 6th." How we Do More Together is what makes us One Tribe.